Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Biggest Loser?

Does anyone out there watch this show? I admit that it's one of my guilty pleasures and it's calorie-free, although I am eating a yogurt. I find the show inspirational on one hand but then unrealistic on the other.

I know they are changing people's lives because you can see it. Especially now when they're at the end of the competition. I'm amazed and my mind is boggled that some of the contestants have lost over 100 pounds in slightly more than four months.

In reality they tell you at places like Weight Watcher's that losing up to two pounds a week is a good rate. Does that mean the people on the show are set up for a let down when they go home? Back to real life doesn't usually mean you're exercising for an ungodly amount of hours each day. It usually means you go back to work and the chores of daily life and then you have to exercise on top of all that.

Seventeen weeks times two pounds per week = about 34 pounds. There are people on this show that have lost 112 pounds, 117 pounds, 132 pounds and more. Are you kidding me? No wonder that a past winner has gained all his weight back. Part of this show is based on unreality even though it works wonders.

Maybe that's why it doesn't spur me on to lose weight. I like to watch the changes of the contestants as this is a paid contest, let's not forget that. It's just not realistic.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I have wrote you before but my husband did lose 100 pounds, it was not that fast, a strict diabetes diet. He kept it off for 2 years but I agree, when it comes to real life?

Webster said...

My Tuesdays are dedicated to Biggest Loser! I love this show.

I agree with you also. This is an intensive program with a controlled environment and two excellent personal trainers, not to mention the medical workups the contestants receive, etc.
But truth to tell, this has to ignite a MAJOR lifestyle change for the results to stay.

And for it to work for a person with mobility problems - well, I suppose I could learn to swim, but that's about it. Along with attention to what I eat and I'd probably lose a few pounds. I've found that My local YMCA didn't really know what to do with me other than that.