Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Helping out another blogger

Attn: Creative people

I am looking to add a few new shirts to my product line....

I am looking for a few good and clever MS ( Multiple Sclerosis) related sayings to put on shirts.

I want to have a contest so my readers can vote on them and the winner or winners will receive a free shirt. Sound good?

So if you are one of those creative and clever people who would like to win this contest, ( for bragging rights, of course) please email any ideas to

I have a few ideas but I would love your input.

A few rules...Nothing religious, nothing political, nothing racist and no swear words ( or keep it to a minimum) LOL

Thanks for your help. I know some of you are very creative so let's get that the creative side of our brain going !
Rah rah rah !


(This is Weeble Girl again. Let me know what your cool ideas are too. I need something to make me laugh as I get ready for school again.)

Cathy's regular blog can be found at the following link below:


Jen said...

You know I'm gonna help out and steal this. I'm so behind here with everything. But I do like this idea and getting Cathy's stuff out there.

Hi Weebs, you cute little nugget....

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for helping me with this project.