Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mishmash ...

Finding Nemo Alert**

I missed the last 15 minutes or so of the movie and I need to know how it ends. I mean I can guess how it ends but I need to read about it. So can anyone help me? Lanette, are you out there?

I think I left off with everyone in Sydney and the pelican gently putting Marlin and Dori(e?) back in the water at the dock. Then Marlin was telling Dori(e) to leave him alone and he was starting to swim away. I think they had tried to get to Nemo but it didn't work out.

Brother update**

I went out to lunch with my brother and my parents this afternoon. We went to the Chinese buffet and we were there almost two hours between eating and mostly talking. My sibling brought his digital camera and I looked at 600 pics of his month-long trip throughout Europe. He also brought me some paper money from different places to look at and some post cards.

It was good to hug him because the last time I saw him was in the early part of 2009 when my dad was really sick and going through three open-heart surgeries. My brother gave up his leave to Australia and was flown home from Iraq. At the time my brother and sister were both in Iraq and both had come home because my dad was so sick.

This time when he was home I knew he didn't have to go back to Iraq so that was a real relief for me. I know he will go back to Germany where he is safe for now. His unit has been home (in Germany) for about three months or so. One of those months was his European tour. Since his unit has come home there have been three suicides amongst his fellow soldiers. That gives one food for thought. Sometimes coming home is safer but not easier for soldiers.

Potential trip**

My brother and my sister are planning to go to Italy for Christmas. My sister is stationed in Kentucky now that she is done with her tour in Iraq. My parents are supposed to be going to Las Vegas for the holiday. My brother mentioned that I could come with the siblings to Italy. At first I said no because of the cost but now I am thinking about it.

I have wanted to go to Italy for a few years now, mostly due to Frances Mayes and her books Under the Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany. There are also some great cooking shows on PBS that focus on real Italian food that make me salivate when I see them on the weekends.

Anyway, back to the topic now... I am really thinking this whole thing over. My brother doesn't plan to come back to the US again any time soon. His next tour will be in Afghanistan and he already has a potential deployment date for that tour. My sister will also most likely be deployed again which means who knows when we'll be able to spend another holiday together. So this might be our only chance to enjoy Christmas together in Italy for years to come.

Anyone want to send in donations for my potential Italian holiday?


Cranky said...

Whenever I want to know the story of a movie, I got to the movie spoiler site. Finding Nemo's storyline is outlined at

My wife Skip has had MS for 20 years or so. We traveled a lot when we were younger and she was more able because we knew eventually it would become too much for her. Unfortunately, that day has come and we won't be traveling by plane anymore (since Las Vegas in 2008). So, I recommend if you can find a way to go while you're able to get around in Italy, go.

Joan said...

I can't send you money but maybe I can go with you to Italy?