Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy birthday

Happy belated birthday to my blog, Happy belated birthday to my blog, Happy belated birthday to my blog, Happy belated biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthday to my blog!

I went back today to look up when I started ye olde blog and it was at the beginning of last August. So somehow in all my summer slothiness I missed my 1st birthday. So here I am celebrating a little bit late but you have to admit my cake looks fabulous. There's plenty of cake for all of you and the best part is it contains no calories.

I reread all of my August entries and thought to myself, "D@mn, I used to write well!" I'm not quite sure what happened to me along the way but I feel like you're not getting the best of me anymore. Maybe the slow corroding of my brain is eating away at my humor cells.

I do notice I am not complaining about going back to school and being afraid of it like I was last year. I am not in as much pain as I was so I will place the thanks for that squarely on Tysabri. A few more infusions and it will be my Tysabri year anniversary. Tomorrow is infusion number eleven or twelve but because we get them every 4 weeks you have more than 12 infusions in a calendar year.

I'm looking forward to my Tysabri as always because I get to watch real cable TV. Afterwards I am going out to lunch at Applebee's with a colleague of mine so that will be nice too. I may even sneak a drink in there at lunch. Then again I may just have water. That will save some calories and some money. Money is always running low at this time of the summer.

Everyone always says teachers have such a plum job getting summers off. It is great, don't get me wrong, but we don't get paid in the summer so you have to save money all year long so you can get through your summer. We have to be good financial planners although I am in some serious debt. Serious debt. But I live with it and try to live within my means and pay it down.

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting and telling me things in person or on Facebook. It means a lot to me to have people who still read even after a whole year. Thank you!

Weeble Girl 8-D


Lisa Emrich said...

Hey, happy birthday!! Cool beans. I'm glad that you've made it a full year and I hope that you continue for many more.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It has been great reading about you this past year. Thanks for taking us along on this journey. Here is to many more years of blogging!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Weebs.....!

Webster said...

Happy Blog Birthday Weebs! I have enjoyed reading you for many months, and look forward to more.

Denver Refashionista said...

Happy birthday...

You don't get paid in the summer? Oh, the horror. My salary is split over twelve months so I always know my budget. In the summer I also teach extra yoga and make more money. Sound like you are in the wrong state/district.

Anyway... you are still a good writer.

I too went back to work without fear this year. My health is worse but my attitude is better.

Cathy said...

Happy birthday ! We love the blog !

Joan said...

It's been a year already? Yikes, time does fly when you're brain is fried.
Happy Birthday, Blog!