Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane maybe?

I may be leaving on a jet plane but instead of going to Roma it looks like I will be going to Maine instead. My BFF from college lives in Maine and she asked me to come if I didn't go to Italy. So Christmas looks to be stateside but happy in a different way.

I haven't seen my best pal in about ten years, since I was still married. My siblings will be in Rome and my parents will be in Las Vegas. I stayed home alone this past Christmas as my parents were in LV and my siblings were in Iraq. At least this year I know everyone will be safe. I guess holidays truly change as you grow up and everyone moves away.

It's sad in a way because we'll probably never have a Christmas where we're all together again. Both my siblings will be in the Army which will take them far and away and my brother has told us he won't be home again in the states for a while. It's the same with Thanksgiving. Those are my two favorite holidays and we're so far apart. Maybe that's why those two days seem more special than ever now that we're separated.

I guess going to Maine will just be another way to celebrate. And I'll be able to decorate two trees instead of just one. You have to look on the bright side.

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