Friday, August 14, 2009

Cooling vest

Above is a picture of the cooling vest I ordered today. I am tired of the heat and humidity of the past few days so I relented and purchased one from the MS Shoppe. It was marked down to $135.99 I think, if my memory serves me correct. I am hoping this will be a good buy for me.

I got the biggest size to fit my portly frame. I figure I can wear it on hot days and maybe I'll even debut it at work when I go in and try to set up my new room in September. If it's really helpful then maybe I'd even break it out during the hot days at the beginning of the school year because we don't have any air conditioning.

We'll see how it fits and feels first, before I wear it at all. Then if it fits and feels okay I can wear it around my little apartment. Then maybe I can move it out into public and see how I adjust to life with a cooling vest. Perhaps I'll sew a letter or a snazzy symbol on the vest so I'll be like a super hero for those with MS.

Anyone have any ideas about what I could sew on there, feel free to drop them off as a comment.

Does anyone else have a vest that they actually use? If so, how does it work for you? I'd love to hear any responses you might have.


Lazy Julie said...

Vest embroidery ideas:

Super MS Fighter! I Eat Myelin-Corroding Monsters for Breakfast!

I'm too sexy for this vest.

I may look hot but this vest is keeping me cool.

;-) Let me know how it works. I've thought of getting one to exercise outside during the daytime. I would love to go for hikes/walks in the middle of the day but it's too hot.


Heather said...

Keep us posted on how it works for you. I was considering getting one. I so worried that when I head back to teach in Sept. it's going to be too hot for me to handle. Our school doesn't have AC and my room seriously is on the hottest side of the building.

Joan said...

Hi All! Yes, I have that vest. It works while running errands and working around the house. But it didn't help me much when the heat index was 100+ degrees and I was doing a lot of heavy lifting outside (but I'm also REALLY out of shape).

I had to get used to people's comments about how I look like I'm wearing a life vest for a boat. I was at the local nursery shopping for plants when people asked me if I worked there. So just be prepared with "snappy comebacks."


Webster said...

I wore mine at a sorority BBQ last summer when it was a super hot day (85o) and everyone was wondering what it was.

Once I told them, and let a few of them try it on, they thought it was the, well, the coolest thing since ice cream sandwiches!

Mine also is navy and uses up to five ice packs, two fit vertically in front, and three horizontally in back. I lasted through the afternoon with no problems.

Mine are Steele vests, BTW, fully adjustable with velcro strips for us larger people. This year my husband tried it on during our 100 degree weather and loved it. (I have two of them) double the ice packs, double the time, so long as you have access to a freezer.

Cathy said...

Thanks for posting this and for your purchase. It means alot. When you get it, take some time to adjust it. We ladies are not all the same size and one size fits all doesn't always work. I just emailed the mfg and asked about tweaking these for women and in prettier colors. I sell alot of these.
They are heavy and take a little getting used to. I wear a life vest on the boat so I'm used to wearing something big and bulky but man, this vest saved my ass in Europe when it was 15 degrees above normal. My husband wanted to steal it from me ! LOL

As for embroidery options. For you it has to be "Wonder Woman"

Weeble Girl said...

Thanks for all your comments!


Denver Refashionista said...

I think I need one of those. BTW, if you want something custom-embroidered let me know and the Refashionista can do it up and ship it to you. I can make almost anything once I have the guidelines.

Denver Refashionista