Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's official ...

I made the reservations today for my ticket to fly to Maine over my Christmas break. I am going to see my college BFF for the first time in about ten or eleven years. That's so exciting that I am acting like a little kid! We talk pretty much every day but it's been a long time since we've actually been in the same place.

I've been to Maine a few times to visit and she came here when I got married in 1995. The last time I saw her I was still with my wasband and we've been divorced since December of 2000. Since then she's been engaged and built a house with her future betrothed. She's a successful business woman and been kind enough to put up with all my shenanigans for years since we became friends in 1989 during our freshman year at Sweet Briar College.

Off that topic*
How's the eating going you ask?

I don't plan to really start my Weight Watchers program yet. That's a craptacular disclaimer which means I have been eating things that just don't work so well with the program. The good thing is that I think my meds are getting back in to my blood level so I am not as depressed. However, I am lonely as all get out and missing face time with friends. I mean I talk to my one friend (and yes, I have more than one friend, smart a$$e$) every day but there is still that disconnect of being with someone else. In no way am I advocating a loveless marriage just to have someone to talk to regularly.

It would be nice to be back at work for the face time I so desperately need. That is coming soon enough. In the meantime, I have things to do like anticipate my trip even if I will need a seat belt extender, sigh.

PS: BJM, faithful BFF from HS, is supposed to watch Franklin the wonder cat while I am away. Here's a shout out to her as I have been unable to contact her lately for a phone chat. Thanks in advance, B!


Jen said...

I agree about the face-time. That's why I'm getting out and doing more volunteering starting in Sept.

I love Maine. I'm a bit envious. :D

HD Silversmith said...

I hear you on the meds issue. On SSRIs since 1997 --> *much* better living through pharmaceuticals, I have to say. Light and day, even when I run into glitches.

(I like your blog!)