Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Adding to my home pharmacy

Today was a day for drinks with the girls but I didn't go. Instead I made the decision to finally call the neurologist's cute initially guy and ask him for another prescription. I have mentioned before in other posts that he offered me Ditropan for urinary urgency at my last appointment and I said no.

Then I almost had some accidents this past week and I thought about my almost accident on my last day of work. (And that was a day when I could use the bathroom whenever I wanted!) I decided to give this stuff a try or else I was never going to be able to drink at a normal level ever again. I don't drink much now and even less when school is in session.

So I put a call in and waited for him to call back. I told C.I.G. (cute initially guy) what I wanted and he promised to call in the script for me. He did and I just picked it up a little while ago with some A&W diet root beer. (I have been jonesing for soda in the worst way lately and this way I could have soda and root beer floats!)

I'll start the med tonight with the rest of my pharmocopia, which is a word I think I may have just made up. Then again, it could be a real word just spelled horribly wrong.

Side effects include dizziness (what's new?), weakness (again, what's new?), dry mouth (so I drink more) and possible vision problems. Hopefully the dry mouth won't be working against my urgency at the same time. Drinking more = needing to go more, right?

I'll keep you in touch with how it all works.


Denver Refashionista said...

Pharmacopia is a word. Good luck with the new med.

Webster said...

Pharmacopia/ Pharmacopoeia is how Webster spells it, and I have one too! Heck, don't most of us?