Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's your favorite sound?

Today's topic is coming from the email I mentioned yesterday. One of the questions was about naming your favorite sound. I had more than one so I'll list them here and if you want to share your favorite sounds, I'd love to see what they are.

Favorite sound?

1.) A ringing phone with a good friend at the other end (and time to chat). This one's easier to figure out now that almost everyone has caller ID. There's nothing worse than napping or being on the floor doing some yoga and the phone rings and it's some stupid unknown caller aka a credit card company with some "amazing" offer or a survey, etc.

2.) My brother or sister's voices since they've been gone away so long. It's been over a year since I've seen or talked to my sister in Iraq and I miss her something fierce. She's 13 years younger than I am but we get along rather smashingly and we are sillier than an almost 40-something should be. She makes me feel young and alive again and I miss that along with missing her.

My brother has been gone since February so I haven't heard his voice either and I've received a whopping two emails from him while he's been in Iraq. My sister emails once in a blue moon but to hear their voices would be wonderful.

My sister is supposed to be going to see my brother this weekend in Iraq after a previously scheduled visit a few weeks back didn't work out as he was going out on a mission. That's nice because they haven't seen each other since my sister left and my brother was supposed to be getting married the next weekend after here at home but his future wife called it off and has since ceased all contact with him. (He is no longer coming home on his leave and will take it sometime in February when he may go to Australia to celebrate turning 30.)

3.) Christmas music that's not annoying, including the sound of carols at mass. Now if I was more of a church goer I'd experience the second part of that sentence more. Maybe this season I'll start going again. I was raised a Catholic and worked in a Catholic school for three years. That was an eye-opening time. I worked for a nun named Sister B who ran the school where her brother was the priest at the church, ergo her brother was Father B. That's almost worth a chuckle.

I worked with super people and no supplies but the two Bs were bickerers and argued over money constantly. At the time my wasband and I were separating I received a lot of nastygrams from Sister B who basically drove me out of Catholic school and into my current position in public school, making oodles more money so I guess that was a prayer answered in disguise. The point is that I was very disillusioned after giving three solid years to them and being treated less importantly than bacteria found in a thermal vent in the ocean.

However, I still love the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas and not just for the gifts. I'd rather give gifts than get them. I love the decorating. I love the peace of church and the silence as we build up to the birth of Jesus. I love the shows on TV from my youth. I love the music and the sounds of the holidays.

What sounds are pleasing to you?


Abby said...

The top of my list would have to be the sound of my children laughing. The sound always makes me smile at their young innocence and happiness.

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

One of my faves is the sound of either of my kids talking to themselves. Another is trains. I've always lived near them and they remind me of carefree teenage train rides between DC, NY, and Boston. Plus, every time I hear one I also hear Johnny Cash singing Folsom Prison Blues in my head.

Heather said...

I have to agree with Abby. I love the sound of my baby laughing. I also like to hear church bells and bag pipes. I also love to hear live music.

Cathy said...

As crazy as this sounds because of the MS bladder thing, I love the sound of running water and waterfalls. The sound I miss most
is the yap of my dog who died in June. What I would give to hear her running through water yapping in that high pitch only a mom could love.

Shauna said...

Fog horns. 6 years ago, I moved further away from the Halifax Harbour so I don't hear the horns like before.
One summer, the city had a visit from from one of the US Aircraft Carriers. It was anchored in the middle of the harbour for a few days and then we got hit with 6 days in a row of fog. The carrier couldn't leave the harbour until visibility improved so I got to listen to the fog horn from the carrier every 30 seconds for 6 days straight. I loved every single blast.


Weeble Girl said...

Thanks for playing along and leaving your answers. It's so neat to read other people's answers and be reminded of things I've not thought about.