Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm a big girl now (thanks to BJM)

I wasn't going to write this particular post today because I am wiped out from the fact that my "super" lost my money order for my November rent. That presented itself as a new stressor in my life and sent me out in to the world to deal with it, which I did. How HE lost it, I have no idea but he is the "super" who's not so super. He likes to partake of the cheap beer on a daily special occasion called evening.


The exciting thing is that I have now entered the world of womanhood. It's not about getting your period, it's about learning how to clean your oven! I now know how to do it.

Who know the oven door came off like that? I swear I never saw my mom take the door off the oven in my whole life.

On Christmas Tree Thursday which brought forth a lovely 7 and a half foot tall Dakota Fir with 350 white lights, two sets of colored lights and an angel on top, my friend BJM also covered up my brand spanking new oven heating element and sprayed that bad boy oven down.

That's how I now know that the oven door can come off! I basically sat back and occasionally handed something to her or held something while she worked on the oven and then the tree. It was great. She did so much work that it would have taken me a week to get the same thing done.

So here's to BJM, oven cleaner and tree putter-together extraordinaire, Huzzah and happy holidays!


Heather said...

I think we need to see a picture of this tree. I also never knew the oven door came off. Does that mean it's time to clean my oven? (-;

Webster said...

Oven doors come off? Why did I not know this? Oh yeah - I never clean my oven. And i never saw my mother clean her oven either! Ha, I guess this apple didn't fall far from the tree. Neither of us was/is into housework of any kind.

And, PLEASE get a picture of your tree for us!

Shauna said...

Think BJM is up for a road trip to Nova Scotia? I need my oven cleaned.