Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday tidbits

It's Monday at the crack of dawn, actually before the crack of dawn, and I have been up since shortly before four a.m. Weird night with little sleep and my stomach has been off since yesterday whenever I eat, which could be a positive thing on the scale.

My mom called again last night and my dad was supposed to go back to the emergency room. I think he is back home now as I haven't had any phone calls yet. He is scheduled for a heart catherization on Tuesday but that may need to be rescheduled because of the emergency room stuff.

I have plans done for two days at school and I'm working on Wednesday but I don't want to get too far ahead as we know what happens to the best made plans - they get rewritten because of various snafus in life and the classroom.

Today is Tysabri infusion number two and tomorrow is an appointment at my neurologist's office. I want to talk about supplements and my constant fevers and my fingers of lead. Of course, I want to talk about everything that's bothering me but I guess the big stuff is all about the lack of jazz hands.

I also have all the sick leave stuff done and it will be turned in first thing this morning as I joyfully drive my plans in around 6:15. I am hoping that I will stay clear enough to get there in one piece. I have more grades that need to go in the computer for report cards while I am dropping off plans.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a relief it is to have the sick leave stuff done. It ended up being a fifteen page packet that I made into three sets of copies: one for me, one for the head of the union, and one for the superintendent. I spent so much time calling people, typing, looking for stuff, making copies, and whatnot that it's such a weight lifted. Now we just have to hope that it will all work out and I'll be approved for the leave.

Deep breath and exhale......


Patty said...

I hope your dad gets better. And that the Tysabri works and that the sick leave goes through okay.

Weeble Girl said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts.