Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday quick bits

I made it through Tysabri #2 okay. They called the TOUCH program because of my worsening fingers and cognitive stuff. Imagine that, a facility that follows protocol! Thanks to my old friend, er not old friend, a friend I've had for a long time that shared lunch with me on such an emotional day for her. Hugs to BJM.

Not even a bruise from the IV which was put on the inside of my right hand. They are some good IV stickers over at the infusion palace. This time I held the remote and switched channels and watched bits of about 5 different cable channels. I don't have good cable at home, just the $8 a month cable that has a few extra channels thrown in for kicks and giggles. I also elected for a warm and pleasant smelling blankie to cover me up while I "relaxed".

I wanted to smack Sally Field in the face again when her once-a-month Boniva commercial came on. Gag me.

Today is my second visit to the new neurologist's office (neuro #5) to see the P.A. I am hoping for a good visit and I will be asking about my MS symptoms, a new MRI, and the supplements I mentioned the other day: quercetin and omega 3 fish oils.

I feel a weight lifted from having turned in the sick bank leave papers. It's done and the committee will say yes or no and there's not much more I can do about it. It's out of my hands and I've done all that I could for that.

My dad is having more problems but did not go back to the ER yesterday; they almost had to go but are playing it by ear for the moment. The heart catherization has been put off for the moment until this other stuff is done playing itself out. Let's just say there has been excessive bleeding, vomiting, and chest pain from a man who had surgery about 20 years ago and told he had about 10 years to live then. Plus, he secretly smokes which he knows, knows, knows is against every rule in his medical book. Eh, men!

I slept more deeply last night and feel tired from Tysabri #2 but if it works, then all of this will be worth it. Maybe there will be a nap in my future this afternoon. Time to go get dressed and ready for the appointment.

Don't forget to vote whoever you choose to vote for in today's election.

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RSDsux said...

Thank you for the update!! I'm so glad to hear you survived the IV and I really hope it helps you!! I hope your appointment with your Neurologist goes well today (I had my neuro appointment today also, strange huh? It must be the day for neuro appointments!). I am keeping you in my thoughts and hope you get some answers to your problems real soon.

I'm sorry to hear about everything that your father is going through at the moment ((hugs)), I really hope he feels better soon and gets the right help he needs.

Take good care of yourself...