Monday, November 17, 2008

It's snowing

I awoke this morning and there is actual snow on the ground. I watched the drifting, haphazard flakes falling and it felt very peaceful. I need that peaceful sensation so I enjoyed it from inside my living room.

I am supposed to be putting up the tree on Thursday, er my friend BJM is probably going to be doing most of it as she is a fake tree expert extraordinaire. That will come in handy because I'm like a no thumb kinda gal so me doing it might make for a funniest home video for someone else.

I took an actual shower and changed my clothes and did my hair today. That was a giant success over the last two days. My right arm is all about painful movement and my low back and legs are trying to drag me around when it's time to move. I'm not sure if it's from the Tysabri, the MS, or the fact that I "worked out" for 6 out of 7 days this past week.

My working out is a snortaminute workout for most regular people on this Earth, including the geriatric crew. I do about a one mile walk and once in a blue moon a 2 mile walk with one of those Walk Away the Pounds DVD in the comfort of my living room. The people on the DVD use weighted balls and I just try to throw my arms around in the same half movement. I am sure that 2 year-olds get more exercise than I do. But right now this is my marathon.

I usually follow it up with a relaxing yoga pose where my feet are up on the sofa and my body is on the floor. This is supposed to get the lymph in your body to move around more efficiently. I have no idea if it works but it can feel nice.

I have decided that I need my SAD light from work. It's one of those bright lights that help with wintery/autumnal depression. I know I need it so it's just a matter of someone finding it there and I think I know where it is. Then it needs to find its way back to my home, slovenly home.

Actually, I do not live in a total sty but I have lots of papers run off for work that need to go somewhere other than my kitchen table (also a gift from BJM) where they have been living for a month or so. Then I also have my single copies of papers from September. I must put all this stuff somewhere neatly so on the off chance I invite the UPS man in and he accepts, he will be pleasantly surprised to see that I have cleaned the place up.

I'm having some shiny crow moments so this is it for now. Hope all is well with you, especially if you're out in CA by the wildfires.


Webster said...

Wow, You can walk a mile! Two even!! Now I am really impressed! Sorry about the SAD - I have a touch of that, too, which is why I am trying to become less of a night owl.

Be well.

Denver Refashionista said...

Sounds like you're getting some good excercise. The peace sounds good too. Congrats on putting yourself together, that's half the battle sometimes.

Weeble Girl said...

I didn't do any exercise yesterday but my back is still bothering me. I need to watch this to see if this is a Tysabri thing, an MS thing, or just a low back thing because my stomach hangs down so far. I'll exercise today though, I promise.