Sunday, September 7, 2008

More random bits (Doesn't that make me sound a tad English?)

1.) My typing is getting worse and worse and so is my inability to catch errors when I try to proof my writing later on. How flipping embarrassing is that? I can spell well and type fairly decently but it's getting more noticeable to me because I do this all the time and use it for the teaching craft. What's worse is when it is highlighted in yellow because the program thinks it looks wrong and I still bypass it. Duh!!!

2.) Up on top is an image of Hoops and Yoyo and some other blue thingie that sometimes appears with them on their cards and other merchandise. If you are having a day where you feel like you're a broken bridge under troubled water or you feel like absolute crap in the universe, get thee to visit Hoops and Yoyo. They have cards all over the place, but especially at Hallmark, who came up with the idea for the gem that these two are. The cards are hysterically funny with these little tiny voices that say things that just make you laugh!

Go to the store and open up all of these, or buy yourself a card because you deserve it dang it, or check out their website and check out the cards there. I am in love with H and Y and they always make me laugh. Recently, I received one of these cards in the mail as a really early Happy Birthday card which is really masquerading as an "I know you're super depressed and hate most of life right now, but maybe this will make you smile card".

My card does make me smile. I just listened to it two times while typing this and laughed a booming loud laugh that felt good. I also listened to it a few times on Friday at school when the kiddos were gone and I needed some relief. I heart Hoops and Yoyo.

3.) Open House at work for me is ALWAYS the same night as the first night of Survivor. I think this is a conspiracy and I don't like it one bit. I've been tracking this for several years now and I really think we should just ban Open House until maybe the second month of school so I can watch one of the few shows I enjoy that is on until 9 p.m.

(As another random aside, I am generally in bed around 8 most nights, exhausted, hooked up to my CPAP for sleep apnea, with the fan or A/C on high, and my arm splints on. It's a really beautiful sight; can't you picture it now?)

4.) I wish school was 4 days a week, two days on with Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday off so you can get those things done like the bank and the doctor and dentist and such, and then back at it for Thursday and Friday. I really do think my attitude would be a smidgen better if I could sleep in for three days like that.

Now I roll in to my coma around 8ish with all my paraphernalia on and then I am up at 2 or 3 for an hour to 90 minutes (for no real reason). I do some school work and maybe fall back asleep around 4 or so and then I'm up shortly after 5 to soldier onward in the field of 5th grade academia.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Jeff Foxworthy (of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? fame), some of those questions on your show are so not what a typical 5th grader is being taught let alone actually remembering. They had a question on the the other day about who was the youngest President ever. And no, it's not JFK. On a technicality, he was the youngest elected President but someone else was one year younger because that current President died in office so this other gentleman was the correct answer.

Now I am not telling you who the correct answer is because a.) if you really want to know you can find it out easily online and b.) I've forgotten who it was for certain so I can save face this way! My students, after a whole school year, still need to be reminded where Hawaii and Alaska are and I still have to tell them they are states that belong to the country called the United States which is part of North America which is located in the Western Hemisphere.

Those kids aren't human, methinks. Some crazy sort of tiny academic cloning going on with this show. Not to mention that these kids generally spell the answers correctly and capitalize when needed. Are you kidding me, Mr. Foxworthy? I am so on to you, buddy!

5.) I am a procrastinator. I need to begin working on school stuff, like plans for the week and all.

6.) Depression and MS both still suck. A LOT!


Denver Refashionista said...

I so agree. The school week should be exactly as you just dictated. I bet if I only worked two days and then had a day off that I wouldn't feel ill and useless every weekend.

I also agree that the questions on that show are not 5th grade questions. I did beat the board game and won a million dollars when I was a genius on steroids. That was fun.

Lanette said...

1.) I also notice my spelling and/or word confusion "were instead of where" etc..happens much more frequently lately. Glad to know it's not only me.

2.) Hoops and Yoyo do rock! I found them a few years ago on the Hallmark Ecard website and have been hooked since!

3.) May i recommend getting TIVO and then you can watch Survivor whenever you like and can stay awake for it! I love my TIVO.

4.) I also wish school was only 4 days a week though for selfishly different reasons...I am tired of getting stuck behind the school buses! Hey, Don't you get the whole summer off though for being a teacher?! Seems like a fair trade to me (who used to work 40 hours a week all year long). ;-)

5.) Procrastinators Unite!!

6.) MS and Depression Suck.

7.) Really cool blog you have here!

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SwampAngel65 said...

You know, I have been thinking the same thing about those 5th grade questions for a while now...maybe 5th grade in some exclusive British boarding school, but not here!

I was happy to see someone finally win the other night.

I am laughing trying to picture you all hooked up and ready for bed. Sounds alot like my husband, who also has a CPAP. He calls it his Darth Vader mask. Hehehe...

And, finally, YES, I agree about Open House!!! I am so glad to see someone else realize it!! I always felt like a bad Mom for even thinking about not going so I could watch Survivor. Of course, Open House has always won out.

Definitely some kind of conscpiracy...

Mandy Crest said...

You had a lot interesting things to say in this post, but I'm stuck on Hoops & Yoyo. I LOVE them! If they can't cheer a person up, I don't know who can!