Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I survived

I went to work and even stayed after with a bunch of kids. The ones who need the most help are the ones least interested in their work. Go figure!

Then I found out I have to go to some stupid workshop on curriculum mapping with my grade level on Friday so that's another day out of the room. It's my birthday and I have to go listen to the "mapping guru" herself, Heidi Hayes Jacobs. Big whoopdeedoo.

I still have no interest in mapping my curriculum.

My fever is still here, ran about 100.6 in the morning and I felt hot most of the day. I survived it though. My one day after school is done and now parents can help their own children and look to see if the work is actually done.

You birthed 'em so please help raise them. I can only do so much and when it comes down to my health versus your child's lack of doing their work or caring, I am going to choose me. Sorry about that but sometimes selfish is good.

I also turned to prayer last night and I prayed some more prayers on the way to work. Maybe that was helpful. It can't hurt.

Wishing the rest of you well,
Wobbly Weebs

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