Monday, September 22, 2008

Day off

Today I took the day off. I'm miserable and stressed and I have a fever of 101 degrees. It started last night making my usual low-grade fevers step it up a bit.

I noticed again, which is also typical, that as I was writing sentences on the board for my students this morning that I can no longer write a whole sentence without having to put my arm down to rest in between the words. My right arm has been weakening steadily for a while now.

Trying to get showered and wash my hair is difficult. Then drying my short hair and going to use my curling brush is another Olympic achievement. And my hair is pretty short.

Part of my funk is MS, part of it is most likely due to this spike in my temperature, and part is depression and work stress.

**Also, as a complete aside David Blaine and his Dive of Death is nuts. Why would you want to hang upside down way above the ground with no net for three days? What an idiot. Here's a healthy man just begging his body to work too hard and not kill him so he can be on TV again.

David, come live in an MS body for three days while teaching a room full of students with various needs, including students who are about four years behind grade level. Try to walk when you're always dizzy and frazzled and physically exhausted. Throw in some vision issues and/or walking issues and/or cognitive issues and make it all work. Make it look easy with seamless transitions and a sunny disposition. Put that on TV so people can see a real adventure.


Denver Refashionista said...

I'm glad you took the day off. I hope you got some rest. Maybe it's a relapse. My doctor just put me back on Prednisone today for a one week stint and taper. I am optomistic that I'll feel better soon.

Heather said...

My sister has recently introduced me to blogging. I am enjoying reading your blog.