Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Allow me to be silly

I love my public and my fab comments I received about my widget counter birthday on yesterday's post. Widget counter's birthday is TODAY and he received a smattering of special gifts. He got a pet rock and a new book filled with quotes about serenity and zen. I also allowed him to take a few hours off and circle around the world wide web.

I have papers from the new neurologist already. They came in the mail today. Yippee, yippee, yippee.

Pleeeeeeease power that be from above, allow this doctor to be "the one". I don't need love; I need a really decent doctor who listens to me and will treat me like I am a real patient instead of an intrusion in someone else's four-day work week.

That's all I've got tonight but I do want to send out some good health vibes and feel not like dung vibes to everyone who needs them. Right now I can still smile and that is something that has been missing from my life for a long, long time.


~BriGuy~ said...

great blog!

Denver Refashionista said...

I am glad you're smiling. I too found a way to smile a little today. Thanks for your comments and support:)

Blindbeard said...

Amen to finding the right neurologist! I have been lucky to have 2 that I adore and can talk about anything with. Only they both have really bad breath. Is that a sign of a good neurologist? I think with what they charge they could afford some tic tacs or something.