Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will you take this surgery to have and to hold? Umm, not right now, thanks.

I am going to postpone the eye massacre known as surgery. I got the final okay yesterday along with the payment amounts and I actually scheduled the surgery for October 9th.

Then I came home and thought about it, talked it over with a few people and I've now decided to put the whole thing off to help save my sanity and my sick days.

I have to get the PRK Zyoptix surgery because of my prescription and my large pupils which runs at $1590 an eye. Then you need to purchase this eye plan for 1, 3, or 5 years because down the road I will need an adjustment. I will need an adjustment maybe in 3 months or 6 months or a year or a few years later. An adjustment = just more surgery.

The surgery I need requires that they brush off the epithelial layer of the cornea and then they do something with the laser. After the sloughing off of my cornea they have to put in a special contact which covers the cornea while it heals and the new layer grows back. The contact stays in the entire time, through awake and asleep, and they remove it back in the office.

No driving at all during this period, no working during this period, this time period which could take between 5 to 7 days!

I don't have that amount of sick time to play around with in October which is only the second month of school. I have MS which means I tend to go to the neurologist and other medical providers often. Plus, it looks like I will be starting Tysabri on the 22nd of September.

I have to drive to the neurologist's office tomorrow (about an hour from where I live) to pick up the paperwork and fill it out. I am not taking it home to read it over when I know I will be doing this, unless the monetary aspect is ridiculously pricey. My insurance has been fabulous at covering all my tests and blood work and MRIs so I am hoping for another miracle here.

I will fill the paperwork out, turn it in and the office manager expects to have all the answers I need in about a week. She has told me they only infuse one day a month so I have no idea how many of their patients actually use Tysabri but I imagine I'll be finding it out.

So, although there is Vicodin involved after the surgery (I could be like Dr. House!), I just cannot do it at this time. No matter how I schedule it, it's impossible to not take off at least 3-4 working days. I just can't do that now, not with Tysabri requiring at least a half day off each month, plus my regular doctor appointments, and any other random actually-sick-from-something-else-other-than-MS-days that might appear.

Better late than never, right?

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