Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Antiques Roadshow on PBS

Antiques Road Show, ever watched it on PBS?

It's one of those shows that you either like or don't. I love the show but don't always catch it. It's generally on during the weekend (where I live) so I can frequently find it during my limited channel surfing.

I can hear you now muttering, "What does she mean her 'limited channel surfing'? This girl already doesn't have a real cell phone and no DVR or Tivo. What is wrong with her?"

I will openly admit that I have the cheapest basic cable service you can get. I pay about nine dollars a month for the major networks, a few PBS stations, one of the CNNs, the Style network, and E. I do not use rabbit ears and I do own a remote for my TV, thank you very much.

Anyway, back to AR...
There was a delightful older woman, perhaps in her 70s, who brought a trunk in to be checked over. It turns out to be something from the early 1800s and was in perfect condition. When asked what she thought it was worth, she guessed about $500.

The kicker: it was worth between eighteen to twenty-five thousand dollars! The poor woman was completely flabbergasted and couldn't speak.

Then again, there are the poor suckers who show up with stuff and they salivate with excitement when they realize there item is going to be showcased on TV. Case in point with today's show, when a man had the AR show actually come to his house and pick up this sideboard. He had sent them a picture and AR was so interested in it, they went out and picked it up.

He was hoping it was a real Federal sideboard. Nope, it was a knock-off. A real one would be worth 15 -20 grand. His was worth about $1500.

Another lady brought in a beautiful highboy type dresser. The thing was worth between fifty and eighty thousand dollars. She didn't appear to be at all surprised. Maybe she already knew what it was worth and she just wanted to be on TV.

I love it when someone comes on there with a nice little story about whatever the item is and they find out it's worth a pretty penny. They usually act so amazed and perplexed; that's part of the fun of the whole show.

I have no antiques and don't plan to collect any but watching AR is neat because you get little history lessons throughout the show. And, every now and then, you'll get someone like lady #1 who lost all ability to speak and it just makes me feel good inside for people like her.

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