Monday, August 25, 2008

Please don't let this kid be in my class!

Okay, I know that is an image that some of you may find offensive. It made me laugh as I was searching for graphics this morning so I am keeping it. It's my blog and I'm not always a perfect little lady. I need the laugh because Pac-Man is STILL not working and not much makes me laugh heartily these days.

I do teach students a few years older than this fellow who is telling someone else they are number one, but this sign isn't one that is entirely foreign to my room. It seems like every year there is at least one special bundle of pre-pubescent joy who has discovered the power of "the finger". They use it secretly to taunt others in my room when I turn my back and write on the board, which is not a chalkboard but rather a whiteboard.

I have pretty decent behind-my-back teacher vision for the big stuff but "the finger" tends to slip by me because it's silent and quick, unlike those loud, and thankfully rare, episodes of flatulence where some ten year-old lets one rip during a quiet test or while reading aloud.

It's not really about "the finger" but about doing something one knows isn't acceptable and is slightly naughty. I use it myself on occassion when people do incredibly stupid and asinine things while driving.

Sooooooooo... besides "the finger" this is other stuff rolling around in my lesion-filled head.

1.) The sick pit in my stomach knowing that I have to go to work tomorrow all day and that I need to be in school most days this week. The kids are coming, no matter what.

2.) I'm waiting for the call from the neurologist's office about setting up an appointment to sit down and do the paperwork for Tysabri. We know that my doc doesn't call when I need him so I'll give the office two days, maybe just one, and then call to see if this can be done this week.

3.) Next week is school. No going back, summer vacation is over, get your big girl panties on, get up at the crack of dawn, and hope and pray for the best. Why is this year so different from every other year? Why am I filled with dread and uncertainty instead of delight and a reasonable amount of nervousness?

How am I going to get past this??????

4.) I'm also waiting to hear from the LASIK people about an okayed surgery and then talking about pricing. More money and time going to medical stuff but I hope this surgery really helps and works.

If you believe in prayer, feel free to send one up for me. I can also use any positive thoughts you can send my way. In the typical words of all fifth-graders when they finish a writing assignment:

The End!!!

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