Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Messy Life's Beginnings

I had mentioned to a few of my friends that I was going to start a blog. I believe that they thought I was full of it. You know what it is.

I'm often full of it, but not this time. It will take me a bit to figure out the kinks and how to make things look pretty but I am doing this. I have done it. I have made a blog.

If you read about me in the sidebar, you know that I'm a late 30-something female with MS (multiple sclerosis). No, I am not one of Jerry's kids. That's the Labor Day telethon for people with MD (muscular dystrophy). I belong to the Teri Garr, David Landers (Squiggy), Montel Williams, Richard Cohen, and Annette Funnicello group. They all have MS.

Lots of people have MS but that's not the only thing in life that is messy. Life is messy all on its own. Teaching creates stress, the economy isn't doing so well, we're a country at war, and don't forget about relationships with friends, family and potential significant others. Life's messy, so why not blog about it?

I recall some saying out there that explains that giving a voice to or shining a light on a problem that is bothering you ends up diminishing that very same problem. So here's my chance, time to share my messy stuff and by the end it shouldn't look so bad after all.

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.
Weeble Girl

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Our Heart Greeting Team said...

congratulations on your new blog!!

we wish great things for you!