Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today is the tomorrow I was hoping for yesterday

Good news, I don't feel like complete and utter dung today!

I paid a visit this morning to another one of my myriad medical providers and discussed the Ritalin incident. I was advised to double my dose and take it all at once so I did that today. This is my little experiment for a few days to see if Ritalin can do something besides make me sleepy. If it works, then I'm to call the neurologist and tell him of my experiment.

If it doesn't work, then no one else is the wiser. So shhhhhhh... be very, very quiet.

We have also doubled my antidepressant to see if that can make me feel more human. Perhaps in another week or so, I may be able to see and feel a real difference in myself and my attitude, MS be damned. I may still have some relentless shooting pain, periodic numb spots, twitching muscles, lack of hand strength, and issues with my legs but I may be able to smile and mean it.

If I allow myself to dream big I can almost imagine a day when I can actually clear the first board on Pac-Man. Of course, that could just be a grand delusion on my part.


bjm said...

I am SO glad to know you are feeling better today! Better living through chemistry!!


Hey there Weeble,

So I finally got back over here to read up on ya. Don't know which form of anti-depressant vitamins you're on, but I do now that I had to increase my dosage after the MS meds were probably competing with liver resources.

Depending on what level you were at already, doubling might be too much too quickly. But if it was low to begin with then I hope it's working out for you.

I've never tried ritalin, but I have used provigil. It was absolutely wonderful the clearheadedness I first felt. Almost like I could think again and I wasn't fighting sleep. For some folks though, it does nothing.

Good luck with your 'experiment' and getting ready for the school year.

Merelyme said...

what is the ritalin for? right now i am not taking any drugs. i hear about folks getting drugs for their symptoms but i can't even seem to get in touch with my neurologist.

glad to hear you are feeling better..