Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost Christmas

I'm not really into the whole Christmas thing so much with Dad gone and Mom not all that keen on my existence, although she pretty much calls me every day now.

I do NOT call her as that would be too overwhelming for her.

However, it is apparently okay for her to call me once or twice a day. I just play the role of listener number one during the dialogue.

I'm still hurt beyond belief that we cannot all go to mass together and wake up together on Christmas morning. It's a bitter pill to take when you find out that you're the one no one wants around unless it's beneficial for the other party.


Here's wishing you're doing better in this Christmas season.

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Anne P said...

Hey Weebs, your post was me in December of 2000. 'Specially the relative [in my case a stepmother] who doesn't want to deal with you unless she gets something out of it. It took all of us a few years to heal but I have to say, even after ten years Christmas has yet to totally regain its luster.

The first one is definitely the hardest and please accept my virtual hug, ok?