Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaack

I'm sorry to have left this space empty for so long. I've been enjoying not working. Don't hate me for typing that.

My dad is slowly improving from his surgery. I went over for the fifth of July for barbecued chicken and I brought my deviled eggs. We had a pleasant time together and I was there for about four hours. My parents have had the house re-sided, a new front door put on, and central air put in.

My parents looked older to me for the first time. They both are eating less and they both look a little frail in their own way. They're not old really; my mom is in her mid 50s and my dad is in his early 60s.

I have also hired a cleaning service that starts tomorrow. They are to make the bathroom sparkling clean in every way, will vacuum upstairs and down, do my windows, and will also scrub my kitchen floor. All for the bargain price of fifty dollars. I am so excited to see my tiny place look clean okay.

Remember the high school reunion I mentioned a few months back? It looks like I am actually going to go next week. I may be stepping out of my shell more and going out to see some of my old friends. Yep, I am still fat but why should that stop me from doing something that might actually bring me some joy?


Jen said...

I can totally relate to the parents-looking-older phenomenon. My dad seems to be aging rapidly each week. I think the radiation took a lot out of him. He's doing well, but the spark just isn't there. But he still plays golf at 78 and he can still drive, so I thinks that's pretty good.

I'm gonna look into a cleaning person/service. $50! That's a steal. Our house is tiny so I can't imagine it being much more. I'd love a deep cleansing of the joint.

Heather said...

Enjoy your reunion! I was actually thinking of going to my next one. It's the facebook thing helping-I think.

It will so great to have a clean place. Enjoy!

Lanette said...

All sounds good! :) Let us know how your reunion goes!