Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi ho Hi ho, it's off to work I go

I have to work the next two days so that means setting my alarm and waking up at a reasonable hour. It also means showering before three p.m. I cannot shower the night before because I wake up looking like Medusa.

There will be drinks after work on Wednesday; I think at a new locale. It supposedly has inexpensive daiquiris and margaritas. Yippee for that.

I walked tonight for 30 minutes and then put up my legs on the couch in a restorative yoga pose. It's supposed to move the lymph in your body more efficiently because you're basically upside down. I'm going to use the heating pad on my legs before I go to sleep. I've got the air conditioning on to balance that.

I also need to get to the post office and grocery store so I can make some beef stew and veggie soup. Yummo.

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Denver Refashionista said...

Good luck for the work days. I think I'm going in tomorrow for a few hours to survey the situation.