Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tomorrow is the day: Reunion time

I am going.

To the reunion.

I know that last bit wasn't a sentence but I don't care.

I am sucking up all my insecurities and going with BJM and her hubby tomorrow. We're going to pretend he is Jack Tripper and we are Chrissie and Janet. I'm Janet. Wish I had her figure.

There may be some drinking involved to ease my concerns. I will keep that to a minimum.

I am so nervous already and will be more so tomorrow, but I am going.

Twenty years is a long time for people to change so I must not be the only one who has issues. At least I hope so. It's better to be with a group of people who all have their own issues instead of being the only one with issues.

Don't you agree?


Mike said...

Good for you! Have fun, catch up with old friends... He'll, just enjoy yourself no matter what. Be sure to fill us in when you get back, and we want pictures. Without pictures it didn't happen.

Weeble Girl said...

No pics as I must assume my cloak of invisibility as I trod along on the blog. I'm not even bringing my camera as I don't want to lug it around. I also don't KNOW how to get pics from a camera on to the computer because I am a dunce in that arena.

About the closest you all might get to pics is to see who took pics on Facebook and I might throw them on my profile there.

Denver Refashionista said...