Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week one

I made it through the entire week! I did it. Yippee for me. It wasn't easy because I have been away from them for so long and they have their other routines from the subs but slooooowly we are making progress and I am roping them back into my routine.

I have remembered all their names and haven't lost any paperwork yet, although I did misplace a paper but it was where I thought it was when I finally got my wits about me again. (Did that make any sense?)

I took a nap only one night this week on Wednesday so that was progress too. I threw in some Klonopin a few nights to finally get some decent sleep. I have been waking up on time at 5:20 with the alarm, albeit groggy on those days after the extra hit of Klonopin.

I am arriving at work early, about 6:45 so I have an hour to get myself ready for the day. I leave shortly after work ends, usually by 3:30 although one day was after four this week due to a meeting.

I am slowly adjusting my bladder to the structure of my day. I take a diuretic in my blood pressure pill so I am restricting how much I drink in the morning and at lunch. I can now pretty much make it through the day okay. I also restrict my food intake for the morning and afternoon as well. I come home hungry and thirsty but I make it through the day.

I'm trying to stay on top of the grading and my special ed teacher/wonder pal is helping out with that. She is really a wonderful helper and assistant in the room to me. She works wonders with her kids and helps me to stay on top of the whole class. Thank you MH!

In news not about school, let me throw out a happy Mom's Day to all you who both read this and mother to little ones and big kids. Moms are teachers 24/7!

I also had some fresh corn on the cob tonight but it was a major bummer. I paid fifty cents for each ear and it was so NOT worth it. That's a dollar I'm not getting back but hey it's fiber so my bowels will be delighted.

On that delightful note, I'm done.


Stuff could always be worse said...

What an accomplishment, a whole week. Congratulations.

Webster said...

One week down, YEE HAW! Good Job!

My only concern is that your restriction of liquids all day may invite an infection. Be sure to drown yourself after school when you get home to help with that. And I MEAN LOTS of water and juice.

Denver Refashionista said...

Gald you made it ok. I think about you a lot.

Kelley said...

Congrats on making it through the first week!

I agree with Webster about the fluid intake. Make sure you drink A TON of water/juice after you return home.

I'm sure you feel great going back to the job you love!