Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm here but not "here" here

I think about blogging but then don't do it. It's a lot like my lesson plans. Thinking and not doing until the last minute. But they do get done.

I miss you dear readers but those kids are tiring me out. It always gets more hectic at the end of the year despite what people usually think. I am out part of Monday morning for training so I only have to teach two subjects tomorrow. Wednesday is a field trip minus three of my most unruly children. I am hoping for nice weather and no rain as we are outdoors and it continues rain or shine.

I will not be teaching the inclusion students next year because I was out so much this year. All the subs and new teachers made my room a difficult one for the inclusion students and they are worried about how much time I could take off next year. In a way I feel like a loser about the whole thing because our inclusion set up worked super well while I was actually there. Next year's group has some autistic students and others who don't do well with change so I am out and someone else is in.

To be honest, it might make my whole life much easier. It is what it is. Another change in my life at work.

I am busy but think of my dear readers often, just not often enough to write a lot lately. I can say this though; I have made it through one month back at work and I have one more month to go. Our last day is June 25th with no students and the 24th with students for a half day.

Tomorrow is June 1st baby!


Lazy Julie said...

It must be something in the water or the MS drugs because I've been hearing this a lot lately on my fav MS blogs. You are living life and story it up to write, no doubt.
No guilt. We'll be here when you've got something to say.

Heather said...

Good luck the rest of the year! The end of the year is such a crazy time.