Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Today was an almost peaceful day as one unruly child is spending a week off courtesy of out of school suspension and the biggest of the unrulies spent the day in in school suspension. We started the day off by answering questions using direct quotations from our reading book.

They all worked.


Like angels.

I smiled with the biggest smile. We were like a real classroom uninterrupted by the ridiculousness of two unruly children. You'd be surprised how awful acting two small people can be. It's so bad at times that I feel bad for the rest of the kids. I wish they'd rise up and tell the other two to shut their pie holes but they are too afraid and too intimidated to do it.

Isn't that a shame that two people could potentially wreck the environment for nineteen other individuals? I thought the benefit of the many was supposed to outweigh the benefit of the few? Isn't that how it generally works in society?

Thoughts on this anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller?


Stuff could always be worse said...

I do not know how to handle kids at all, but I did pass on an award to you. I did not quite follow the rules, but it is a pretty picture. Tawanas site has a better picture. I like reading your blog.

I do not sign my name since I am to lazy to fill it out.

Webster said...

I would stop, sigh, and apologize to the class, and say that the interruption by whomever made you lose your train of thought for a moment. I'd take a deep breath, pause, then I would ask the class if anyone else was tired of the disturbances being made (not naming names). Then I would ask the class for suggestions about how these interruptions might be handled.

By the way, unruly kids really annoy me. Can you tell?