Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Ah the weekend is ending and Monday is coming quickly. This always happens on Sundays. It's sort of a calendar thing. It repeats over and over again.

I have done some work on Monday's plans and I am already anticipating the four day weekend that is to come at the end of the week ahead. Four days to sleep in and do little errands. Yippee. I am also looking forward to Friday off for my next Tysabri infusion. I don't have to take a day off without pay so that works out wonderfully for me. This will be infusion number nine or ten; I'm not sure which.

I haven't been writing on here much because work does indeed suck most of the life out of me. Plus, how many ways can I say the day was rotten? Although this last week did have that one spectacular bonus day where my two biggest unruly offenders were gone from the classroom. That truly made for a wonderful day. Were there still some problems? Yes, of course but they were minimal compared to a regular day.

Tomorrow all the unrulies are expected to be back, although one may end up in ISS for the day due to Friday's incidents. A girl can dream, as awful as that may sound. I don't dislike this student but I very much dislike his behavior. I suspect most of his classmates dislike it as well but there are some who see him as the " cool" kid. I just wonder if he's trying out for the Future Inmates of America program. Sigh...

I haven't been writing about MS a lot either because I seem to be doing okay. I am noticing some fatigue as the week goes on and I am napping some days after work. I am working hard at school so I can leave as early as possible. That allows me to get home and nap and get some dinner before it's too late. I'm going to bed somewhere between 8:30 and 9:15 p.m. My alarm goes off around 5:20 a.m. and I seem to be getting out of bed without a lot of problems. Would I like to sleep longer? You betcha but I get up and drag myself into the shower.

So the sleep is good, the getting up is okay, and getting through the day is sometimes a challenge but I am doing it. One day at a time is what I seem to focus on. It's much more palatable that way, taken in twenty-four hour increments.

It looks like Tysabri is doing its job along with my merry band of daily meds. And so it goes.


Lanette said...

This all sounds great! Glad to hear that you don't need to talk about your MS because you are feeling better! I sometimes wonder if I should go on Tysabri as my legs have given me much pain lately. Did you ever have painful legs and did the Tysabri help?

Denver Refashionista said...

Sounds like things are going better. I too like the one day at a time approach. As things get better you find you can look even further ahead.

Lisa Emrich said...

Hey Weebs, it is so good to hear how good you are doing. Only a matter of weeks until it will be summer. What ever will you do with yourself?