Sunday, May 24, 2009

No one else cares but...

I love Netflix because I get to see the movies and the TV shows I miss from going to bed at 9 p.m. I also get to see some shows I missed from previous years. I've been watching Joan of Arcadia and just as it gets good, reeeeeeeeally good, the show was canceled.

That just torques me to no end. The show was a wonderful spin off from the idea of Joan of Arc with Amber Tamblyn playing the lead role of Joan as a high schooler/"chosen one" at Arcadia High School. At the end of the fantabulous second season there was a creepy cliff hanger between Joan and Ryan Hunt who showed up in just the last two episodes. Ryan was the villain, the evil doer and he and Joan were squaring up for battle when they canceled the show.

They CANCELED the show just as they were reaching the (ahem) climax of two seasons. I'll never know how it ends now although I suspect Joan would have been the winner between the two forces.

Instead, I am forced to pop in another Netflix DVD and am watching "The Other Boleyn Girl". Well, half watching and half typing.

If you read this on Sunday evening and get the chance, I highly recommend watching the PBS Memorial Day concert broadcast at 8 p.m. eastern time. Remember the reason for the holiday.


Webster said...

Oh, I SO agree. What were they thinking when they canceled Joan? I LOVED that show.

mshaffer said...

I was also devastated when they canceled JoA. I realize that it is not the same, but there are several Joan of Arcadia Virtual Season Three’s available online. Here are a few:

Weeble Girl said...

Thank you mshaffer for your information! I'll have to check it out one of these days or this summer when I have the time to watch uninterrupted.

This is the coolest!

mshaffer said...

"...when I have the time to watch uninterrupted."

These are written stories, not videos. You will see that when you follow the links. I hope that doesn't dissuade you, because they are all well written stories.