Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back to school: the gritty reality

If you follow this blog then you know that Friday was the big day, my return to school. Thursday night was "something" but I was mostly calm with a slight case of the jitters. I tuned in to watch Survivor but got tired about halfway through. So I went up to bed around 8:30 and read until about 8:50 and then I drifted off to slumberland.

The first time I woke up it was about midnight. I read for a bit and then was back to sleep. Until about three a.m. Then I was really awake. I was up until about 4:30 or so and then I surrendered back to sleep.

The alarm went off about 5:20 and I jumped out of bed. Okay, maybe I didn't jump, but I rolled over with more than the usual enthusiasm for that time of the morning. Down the stairs, fed the cat, and eased myself into the shower within a reasonable amount of time from waking up.

After the shower I decided to go with shorts regardless of my slightly hairy legs as it was going to be about 70 for the big day. I got fully dressed and coiffed (not that my hair ever looks good as it is so limp) and put on sandals for the day. I skipped down the stairs, okay not skipped but walked without much of a limp, and found that I still had a quarter hour before I could really leave yet.

I packed a lunch without worrying too much what was in it. I also forgot a spoon for my yogurt, drat. (Thankfully, there were plastic ones at work to use!) The good thing about school is that I hardly eat any lunch and I generally forgo breakfast unless I am jonesing and stop at Dunkin Donuts. True to form, I ate a bite of a mozzarella cheese stick, not the fried kind, and about half a yogurt.

But what about the kids and the actual work? It went very well overall. I think most of the kids were pleased to have me back. I even got some hugs in the morning and a few when kiddos left at the end of the day. Before the kids arrived my special ed teacher that works in my room had me say, "I'm fantastic and I'm a genius." I did this a few times and it made me laugh but I swear it worked to pump me up.

Now picture my kiddos all seated and ready and me going over all the rules and routines again. It may sound silly but you have to do that kind of thing. I wasn't super happy with how they had behaved for the sub when I was in the room the past few times. I believe that most kids will live up to your expectations and that most of them like routines. Everyone likes to know what is expected from them in the world. It makes life easier.

The kiddos were mostly good with the exception of one unruly bugger who is a special ed student. That's where the special ed. wonder teacher/pal of mine comes in and sweeps him away and puts him in the room next door so I can continue teaching to everyone else. She's like a vulture swooping in for her prey and she does a good job of it.

We made it through the day and I even received a beautiful flower arrangement and a welcome back balloon from one of my students on behalf of her and the rest of the class. It made me smile big and it's home now where I can look at it and enjoy it. It makes me feel good inside that someone cared enough to do that!

That was my day. I gave two tests, we took notes, I introduced Latin America, we talked, we cleaned out our desks, we passed out folders and notebooks. We were a classroom again. I was a teacher again. It was a very good day indeed.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the classroom, Weebs. When the heat rolls in, you might try a cooling neck wrap - they're small in width, like a man's tie, but contain some substance that swells when soaked in cold water and retains the cool temperature for a full day ... They're on line (search cooling neck wraps) and are given free from some of the MS pharmaceuticals, like SS ... It's been a life saver for me.- Chalknpens

Nico Blue said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!!!

Stuff could always be worse said...

It is wonderful that you can go back to work, probably tired, but feel better inside. You write well.

Lanette said...

Fabulous! *said in a high pitched voice with a hint of singing in it*

Glad you're back to work and sound really happy! :)