Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I know where everyone is for Valentine's Day. Apparently they are shopping at my local grocery store. The parking lot was parked and they didn't have enough cashiers working so there were some lines.

I just have to wonder why I saw so many couples there. I saw young 20 somethings holding hands and buying beer. Older couples were shopping around. Then there were families and some singletons like me thinking we found a good time to go shop. "Ha!" laughed Fate in my face.

I will say I did score a light version of the V8 Fusion drink I like. It has a full serving of both fruits and veggies in one serving. The problem is the drink costs a whole dollar more at the grocery store for the newly found light/lite version compared to the regular version at Wal-Mart. The grocery store has several more flavors than Wal-Mart so it's a toss up as to what to buy where. For me, I guess it is about convenience and where I am when I remember I need more.

I wouldn't mind having a human valentine but I don't at the moment. The biggest asset tonight to having one is that he could have carried the groceries in. Even with two reusable bags I had the juice in one and a half gallon of milk in another plus they tried to separate out the rest of my meager possessions up to balance the bags out. Then out to the car and drive home to unload the two heavy bags. Up the stairs I go then down and in to the apartment.

I will tell you what I think was a very cool, maybe romantic thing that a past valentine and I did. Get your mind out of the gutter. This is NOT that type of blog.

I had one great ex-boyfriend who moved to CA, ergo the reason we're not together anymore. Plus, he loved his Alfa Romeos more than me. I was a really close second though.

Anyway, we started out eating one evening at a local cafe that had a journal type memo book in it that people could write anything they wanted in. We read through it while waiting for our food and he suggested we write a haiku. You know, three lines of poetry, usually 5-7-5 syllables per line.

So we did. We wrote some haiku together. And we kept on writing haiku on scraps of paper and on napkins as we developed our relationship and waited for future dinners to be served. Until one day he bought me a notebook which we would bring to every dinner, lunch, or breakfast we ate out. It was our haiku notebook and I still have it and it's been years since we've broken up. I still read through some of them and laugh. Not many people have a record of their relationship like that.

If you've got a valentine I sure hope they treat you well and you're happy.

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