Monday, February 9, 2009

Do you miss me?

I've had a few people notice (ahem) that I haven't been writing on here much for the past few weeks. You're right, I have neglected my blog but in my own defense I have been busy. Now that things seem to have quieted down, thank goodness, I hope to be back here more often.

It feels like Spring has sprung where I live in the snow belt of central NY with temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s. It has not snowed for several days now and the existing snow is actually melting. Yes, my friends I wrote the word melting.

Melting snow is a good thing because the snowbanks make driving a dangerous obstacle course around where I live. You have to pull out into traffic in order to see if any traffic is coming in either lane. If no one is coming, then you're good to go. However, if someone is coming in either lane then you get a dirty look and usually have to put the car in reverse and start the whole process over again once the car has passed. So melted snowbanks is a good thing.

How much snow have we seen where I live? Somewhere about the average total for the winter season has already fallen. That's about 120 inches so far which is ten feet of snow. Thankfully, we don't get it all at once but there was a spell where it would snow every day to a point where you would have to clear your car off. That gets really flipping annoying because you have to schedule that extra time in time before you leave for any appointments. Then my car would tend to get stuck in my spot despite my rocking it back and forth. That would take even more time when you were trying to go somewhere. That kind of stuff gets on your nerves when it can start snowing in October and can keep on snowing into April.

So snow, schmo... It looks pretty when it first comes but it's all just an illusion. You stare in wonder at the trees all coated in white and think about the holidays and then before you know it your thought process has changed. You bitch and moan when you wake up and look out the window. You need boots and gloves and a winter coat. The path out of your building is probably not shoveled yet. Then there is the juggling on the ice while trying to get your car warm and ready to go. No wonder people are so miserable on winter mornings. I don't even have coffee as a vice to get me through this!

This means I still have February and March and I need to keep my eyes open for April. I do love the Spring with the grass peeking up, the daffodils pushing up through the last remnants of snow piles, the blue skies and the sun. Oh the beautiful orb, the sun, that is missing on almost all of our winter days, hidden behind clouds and snow storms.

On another note, I am glad to see that I am not alone with my PIP issue. It seems no matter how small, tall, or how much you weigh, that pants in public can be a downright important issue that links us all together.

Some of you have asked when I would be returning to work or if I would be, and the answer is Friday, May 1st. That means for now, with my physical therapy, my job is to get stronger by using my Wii Fit and the other Sports games and doing my Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I'm working on the balance and aerobic games on my Wii fit. I can feel some of my clothes fitting differently but my old PIPs are still way too tight. I'm just so glad I have some new PIPs to wear so I can bench the sweats for physical therapy only. Most of the time I wear shorts around my apartment and they are starting to fit differently too. Yippee, baby steps.

Then I need to work on the food issues. All in due time.

By the way, on the local news they are forecasting 60 degrees on Wednesday of this week. This means I can wear shorts outside as long as I shave my legs. Woohoo!!


Heather said...

Welcome back! I'm curious as to where you live. You sound like you might be close to where I live. Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

We have really missed your posts! Glad to know things are a little less crazy, and you go Wii girl!

AToal said...

Hi Weeble Girl,

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Thanks again!

Ashley Toal