Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things

I don't know about you but I have a tendency to sweat a lot when I get the least bit overheated. And I do mean the least bit overheated. I've switched out of my big winter coat to a little fleece one because I go into a store and start sweating like a maniac. I was afraid people would think I was shoplifting because I was sweaty and they would think I was up to something.

I can sweat buckets too. Not a pretty sweat either but the red-faced dripping, sopping sweat of the people known as "ugly sweaters". Not the ones you wear, but sweaters as in people who sweat.

When I was a runner years ago I liked to run 5Ks. They were great fun and you got a free T-shirt and bagels and a bottle of water. Sometimes even medals when I was 29 and in an under-represented age group, I pulled off a gold, silver, and a bronze. Woot!

Regardless, because I am an "ugly sweater" after some races I looked more like a cardiac patient than a healthy runner. More than once the race people were worried I was going to immediately collapse. They tried to keep an eye on me as I slowly walked around and drank my bottled water and waited for the bathroom to go potty. My hair was flat on my head, my cheeks were beet red, and I was dripping in sweat. I don't know if there is anything more gross than feeling the sweat on you and your T-shirt and spandex running shorts.

I never knew how some people, namely females, could run a 5 or 10K and look as if they had been sitting on their front porch reading the newspaper without a care in the world. There were some women with great hair, still up in a style, with a little tint of pink on their cheeks who raced across the finish line and went to get their water bottle and chat with the other runners. I was always envious of those non-ugly sweaters.

I sweat at night due to my CPAP for sleep apnea and have a fan on me every night of the year. In the summer the only AC is in my bedroom. At physical therapy I sweat like a pig and am afraid the therapist can feel my obnoxious sweating through my sweat pants when they move my limbs around. Riding the bike for 6-8 minutes is enough to make me sweat like I had just run a 5K. Sometimes I just start sweating for no real reason.

Does anyone else have this issue? It's not menopause because I am just 38. I'd just like to know if other people use a fan in the midst of a snowy winter.


Sammie said...

God yes. I get too hot for comfort so unbelievably easy. I've never liked warm weather but since MS reared its ugly head the heat sensitivity is worse than ever. And yes I'll use a fan in the middle of winter. I don't care if it's 2 degrees, if I'm warm enough to start feeling sticky the fan is on. Granted (thankfully) the heat sensitivity isn't quite THAT bad, but still...if I'm warm I'm warm and fans feel good!

Anonymous said...

I use two fans to sleep - one from each direction. I don't like the fans that turn constantly, because I need the air on ME constantly!

I am 55 now but have been blaming menopause for about 30 years for the sweats. As I got older, the sweats got worse. In winter the house is heated but my bedroom stays cold - hubby hates it and has invested in electric blankets. The dog has grown to love the air at night whereas before he would crawl onto hubby's side of the bed to get under the quilt getting the warmth from the electric blanket.

As you know, MSers all have heat issues - our bodies don't ventilate properly. When I go out into a store, I carry bottled water. I also carry a cool pack that fits under your collar around your neck because without it, I hit the floor in a faint from being hot - no matter what time of the year it is.

No winter coats for me either. The best I can do is a sweater, if at all that.

I've had MS since I was 23 and I'm sorry to say to you, the heating up just seems to get worse with MS progression/age.

Keep cool any way you can.

Cathy said...

I also sweat alot for a woman. I have a picture of me recently at Christmas. It was 10 below zero outside (although I was inside)I was wearing a tank top.
Not sure if it is MS or menopause but all the docs say neither.

herrad said...


I have terrible sweats that will happen out of the blue like last night when I nearly dropped off to sleep only to be yanked awake by my temperaature going bananas.

My attempt at sleep came to nothing as I spent a couple of hours uncovering and co0vering my arms.

Exhausting eventually fell asleep around 5am not a good night.

Think everyone with MS has this issue we all overheat very quickly and suddenly.

Take care.

Heather said...

I have to share with you the story of my first attempted at a 5K. I did it in 33 min. (which is awful) but it was because I had to go behind a building a pee. I told this story to my sister who was a marathon runner and she had never heard of anyone having to pee during a 5K. Thanks MS!

I too am a very warm person. I am very warm on the nights I do my Rebif shot. I'm really not looking forward to this summer. It will be the first summer since I've been on Rebif. Bring on the AC!

Weeble Girl said...

Wow, we should start a club and make fun T-shirts! I'm not alone.

I won't write about the summer too much now because it seems so far away but that is a really rough time for me. I become a vampire then and my apartment has huge windows that face the sun and make my place like an oven. Ugh.

It could be worse though. I try to always tell myself that.

Hugs to all,

Denver Refashionista said...

I don't sweat much but I sympathize with you.

Anonymous said...

I never thought that it would be such a relief to hear that other people sweat as badly as I do! It is down right embarrasing. I can do the slightest little thing and break out in a full blown, drenching sweat! Not to mention trying to do housework or any outside work. It pours off my chin, nose and eyebrows. It soaks my shirt, bra, underwear. I'm constantly worried that my deoderant will not hold up. And, the more clothes, the worse it is!

Let me know if you ever have those t-shirts made up and I'll be the first to buy one!

Jacqui said...

I seem to have the same issue with sweating, its so embarassing as I work in an Air conditioned retail environment and I feel it first in my arms like internal dial been turned on and and an internal heater kicks in. Within minutes I am sweating buckets down my back and my face. Even the backs of my hands a sweating. I even have to change my clothes during the day. I do not get any warning I just start burning up.
I think it is the MS as it is different than menapausal flushes as I have been through all that years a ago.
THe Fan is on all night and I need to jump in the pool some nights to chill out. No one really understands how bad it is.