Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello my name is Weeble and I watch too much TV

Part of the reason I am fat is I watch too much TV and too many Netflix DVDs. Sometimes I have the TV on, like now, just to keep me company. You see, Franklin the wonder cat doesn't put out much in the conversation department. Although I'll take him over my ex-husband.

I have the cheapo standard cable which costs less than nine dollars a month. Then I also have a Netflix plan that gives me four DVDs at a time. I watch a lot of Netflix because I have the cheapo cable. I watch a lot of movies but primarily I am watching different TV shows that I missed when they were on.

I am trying to force myself to either play Wii Fit, or do the WATP DVD, or walk for 30 minutes while watching some of the TV shows and Netflix stuff. I am also happy to report that my recent chicken wing desire has found a reasonable answer to its cravings. They have these things in the frozen section which are real chicken bites that have no bones and are coated in a hot sauce so it's like a chicken wing from a pizza place. And I am a girl who knows a lot about pizza places unfortunately.

Now that I have these chicken winglet thingies I feel a lot better about this recent craving because before I was buying either chicken wing pizza or buying pizza and chicken wings. Now I can resist the urge to dial up a pizza when I have the need for chicken.

In two weeks I am going to the nutritionist and boy will that man have a field day with me. He's supposed to be sending me a food diary soon so I can track what I eat for three days. That will be a mess.

I really, really, really need to start eating healthier. I must lose this extra weight for a kazillion reasons. I need to be able to wear my regular PIP. I want to be able to tie my shoes without almost tying myself in knots. I want to wear a skirt and not start a friction fire with my thighs. I want my organs to not be squished up against and around all the fat. I want to see one chin and not a moon face. I want to shop in the regular stores again. No more of numbers with a X after them. I want to be able to buckle my seat belt easily. I want to feel my body move with less effort.

Especially with MS, I have to be cognizant of my weight. I know I put a lot of weight on once I stopped working. When I was working I didn't eat breakfast and barely ate lunch because I was so depressed and overwhelmed with everything. Then I was home and eating three times a day after a while and making lasagna. I soothed myself with food, a bad habit I've had since childhood.

Now I am making some healthier choices. I am eating Multigrain Cheerios which taste awesome once you get used to them. I am NOT willing to eat plain blah Cheerios. No way, forget that. I am trying to eat one yogurt a day. I'm trying to drink at least one serving of fruits and veggies in my V8 Fusion. I do not have any ice cream in the freezer. Not even the little tiny ones that Ben and Jerry's make that I was eating once nightly. I am trying to move more. I am in physical therapy and will go both times this week as I have scheduled them for the afternoon so I can sleep in as needed.

If I have so much time to keep my friend the TV on, then I should make more time to get myself healthier. I might even learn to, gasp, cook for one. Then again, maybe not.



Hi Weeble. My name is Lisa. I spend too much time on the computer and need to lose A LOT of weight.

My rheumatologist lectured me this past week for not exercising an hour each day and for not having lost at least 10% of my body weight since our last appointment 4 months ago.

I mentioned that I'm in physical therapy right now and have been since beginning of December. Didn't seem to matter much.

I've worked up to being able to ride the bike for 5 minutes/rest/5 minutes and still be okay to do everything else. I've also worked up to walking on the treadmill for 4 minutes/rest/2 minutes and almost be to the point of falling on my face. But after lots of rest, good to go.

Huge difference between my MS abilities/limitations and the ideal my rheumo would like me to accomplish. Ugh.

Food is the next target, I suppose. But I'm not thrilled. However, I'll be here to support you as you move forward.

Keep up the good work, Weebs.

Webster said...

Weebs, Two words: sugarless gum. It will help with the cravings. (A do as I say, and not as I do, tip for losing weight. LOL)

Also, what has worked for me in the past is drinking something instead of eating something when you have a snack attack. When you're at home, almost anything you drink will have fewer calories than anything you'll eat.

Good luck! Keep up the good work!

Anne said...

I'm in between jobs right now, with MS, and have been watching sooooo much TV. Some days I haven't even stepped outside the house. It doesn't feel good, but it becomes like this circle of laziness where I can't get motivated to do anything else. I'm grateful to be starting a job next week, or I might lose my mind.

Heather said...

I've been working on turning the TV off because there really isn't anything on and I only use it as backgroung noise. I now either listen to or Give it a try.

Webster suggested gum. Good idea but every type of gum out there has aspartame in it which is bad. Last night I just found some gum that doesn't have aspartame in it. Who knows what it will taste like but I do plan on writing about it on my blog one of these days. It's called Zapp. Just google it.

Jen said...

I'm highly embarrassed about the amount of "Reba" reruns I watch....

Hi Weebs!.....

Shauna said...

Hi Webble and Lisa,
My name is Shauna and I watch way too much TV, too.

I'm with you gals on the weight loss and exercise journey. I kind of slacked off after a good start in January and the cold weather is really getting to me. I need to go outside and be in the woods or anywhere but IN a gym.

Lisa - keep at it darlin'. It's a process of trial and error as far as determining what's a good level for you. Fall on your face? Scale back. And get lots of fun bandaids.

Every little change adds up to a big change in the long run. Yay you!


Weeble Girl said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone!