Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random and reality

First the randomness, but a highly important bit of info. My wonderful pal AW, aka Abracadabra or Scrapbooking Queen Extraordinaire, ran in the Walt Disney World Marathon last weekend. She was nervous and worried before she went and I, trusty and helpful blogger genius that I am, told her what a great time she was going to have and how wonderful the experience would be.

I was completely correct and Abracadabra finished right on her finishing time goal and she did not have to potty or poo on the side of the well-groomed paths through the kingdom of Mickey Mouse. You went, girl!


Writing on my separate space seems to be helping me in the head area. I haven't written for a few days on there but maybe I will after being on here.

My dad was supposed to have his fourth heart cath to open a blocked artery on Tuesday but it couldn't be completed. Not so good news.

Then he had another heart attack on Saturday afternoon which necessitated his trip to the hospital by ambulance. This meant me driving over to my mom's house so we could drive out to the hospital together.

I don't live that far away but I was slowed down behind two snow plows, one plowing after the other. The last time I was driving to and fro their house I hit and killed a dog who just ran out into the road as I was coming around the curve. This time I was almost to my parents' home and this giant truck hauler thingie just pulled out in front of me. I couldn't stop in time on the snow so I he ran into me. I smacked my car near his back tires and I was stuck. I couldn't even go in reverse and thank goodness the person behind me didn't rear-end me.

The guy got out of the truck thingie and I put the window down and told him to check for damage. He said there were some scrape marks and I said I had to go, that I was on my way to the hospital. I was literally right around the corner from my parents' home.

I'm starting to sense a freakish pattern here and I am wondering if there is some message I am missing. Feel free to interpret it and let me know what it is.


Denver Refashionista said...

We can drive ourselves nuts looking for "messages, " believe me. It sounds like a spell of bad luck. I hope you are ok.

Webster said...

It does sound like a spell of bad luck. What do you think? Do you think there is something you could have done to prevent either occurrence? Are you concerned about your reaction time? What?