Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye tree, hello sore arms

It's Friday but when you're not working, pretty much every day seems the same. Today is the day when BJM comes to help me put the tree away in its original box. We've got strong tape and one able body and another mostly able body to accomplish this task. I have the tree lights turned on as part of our last hurrah.

I woke up this morning with two sore arms and no real reason for it. I also had a temp of 100.2 when I checked it after my nap. My temp goes up and down all the time and I'm not sure why. It could be hormonal or it could just be some wacky symptom that may or may not have anything to do with MS. The arms I'll keep watch on because that may be something related to the MS. Or not. Ah, that MS is a sneaky thing.

I need to make some calls to my doctors next week for notes on the extended sick bank leave and I believe I will ask/beg for a script for some PT. My back and hips area just feel so tight and the muscles seem seized up. Even standing in the shower (on my new non-slip rubber mat) feels like it's pulling on those muscles. Standing up for a long time = a few minutes = some uncomfortableness and pain.

This takes the fun out of shopping which is why I don't do much of that. First, there's the getting in the car and driving somewhere that requires me to stay awake and alert. That's tough in itself. Then you need to get out and walk around which brings forth the previous issue. God forbid if you find something you want to but because then that means you have to carry it around with you which is also difficult. There's more walking and potentially more carrying and then one has to drive home.

Oh, and I like to look around while I drive because I am so easily distracted. I notice the weather, and decorations, and new houses, and signs, and people walking, and other cars and so on. I save a lot of money this way.

That's all I've got as BJM is on her way and the tree is in need of one last look of appreciation for its service.



I have been enjoying PT so much. Some of it is sooooo hard, but I'm feeling a difference. Less spasticity, which ultimately means less back pain too. Calves and feet still cramp up, but they will actually let loose. Balance is improved too.

Must have PT!!!

Denver Refashionista said...

Sorry about the back and leg pain. I hope the PT helps. How does legs up the wall (restorative yoga) treat you?

Question: What can you tell me about Provigil? Will you email me? I have some questions.

Lanette said...

I wish my neuro would send me to PT. He says just walk, get stronger, like I should know EVERYTHING to do on my own.

I see him on Monday. I am going to try for some PT again...we'll see how it goes!