Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sleepy Saturday

I bet you thought I had disappeared again, didn't you?  Nah, I have just been busy with school and the whirlwind of activities that make up life.

June 1st brought fifteen more days of school left!  I am now at fourteen more days left with two days off for doctor visits and Tysabri infusions.  I think I can suck it up and work twelve more days and then enjoy my summer vacation.

In other good news, my meth selling neighbors are being evicted and should be out in the next week and a half.  I am almost hoping that no one else moves in across from me any time soon.  I could use some peace and quiet.  My last two neighbors have both been prone to domestic disturbances and at forty-one years of age I am tired of the fighting, screaming, and general craziness that comes from living across from unstable people.  I do believe it is high time for me to get what I deserve.  I'm a quiet, hard-working woman who doesn't ask for much.

Today has been one that has been filled on and off with sleep.  In fact, I have a nap on deck after I finish this post.  Some days, especially the weekends, I just give in to the MS fatigue and sleep a day or two away.  It allows me to be give a lot to work which I need for the benefits and to pay my bills.  I am lucky to be on Tysabri and to be relapse-free for a long time now.  I am not saying I don't have MS symptoms because I do but it all seems manageable at the moment.  Now I better knock on wood!

Here's to a week that may hopefully see the end of my rotten neighbors and to time closer to a well-deserved summer vacation.  Happy weekend, friends.

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