Monday, June 25, 2012

Taking back my power

I have been really irritated with the credit union lady over her thrice-messed up appointments.  So today I took the bull by the horns and called two other places to inquire about what they could do for me.  One of them was my bank; yes, I have money in a bank and a credit union. 

I have most of my money direct-deposited into the bank with a small portion going into the credit union.  I do this to set aside money for the summer because I never really go to the credit union even though I have a nice little amount socked away there to live on over the next few months.  I figure if I put it there, which is slightly out of my way, that I will have plenty of cash for the months without paychecks.

Regardless, I have a bank and a credit union.  I called the bank and have a meeting with them to get pre-qualified for a mortgage this Thursday.  There is apparently a program that may help me acquire a home out in the country.  I'd like to see what that entails and what the bank might approve me for money-wise.

The other credit union I called wasn't as forthcoming with anything for first-time home buyers so I am crossing them off my list for now.

I'm not completely giving up on my credit union YET but I am very upset and dissatisfied.  The woman with the craptastic customer service skills did call my cell today to see if I wanted to set up an appointment. I let it go to voice mail.

It seems I may need to be calling around to a few other places this week.

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Webster said...

Good for you. You need to stand up for yourself. Good luck getting qualified for a mortgage. How for out in the "country" is the bank talking about? Would it be a reasonable commute?