Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby steps into big girl movements

So the last time I wrote I was very angry about the craptastic service from the credit union lady.  I finally called and complained on Wednesday, got shuttled to two other people who could not help me, and was finally put through to her supervisor's voice mail.  I left him a message asking him to call back so we could discuss the lack of service I received.

No call from them on Wednesday.

Thursday brought me to my other bank where I met with a mortage advisor.  They pre-approved me for a certain amount and explained to me about a program where if I purchase a home in the country I can make no payment down.  It all gets rolled into one thing and I keep my money in the bank and credit union to live on during the summer.

Thursday the credit union supervisor calls at 5:23 when I am on the other line talking to someone.  He explains that he has talked to Ms. Craptastic Service but would really, really like to talk with me.  The problem is he is going to be off the next day (Friday) and the entire next week.  He will be around the office for a few minutes though if I wanted to try and call him back. So I call him at 5:30 and he's gone, gone, gone...

I'll be honest and I feel like he put me off to the last possible moment and hoped that I wouldn't be able to contact him.

That brings us to today which is Saturday.  I actually looked at a house today with my realtor.  It wasn't what I wanted once I was in it, but the point is that this was my first house I looked at buying all by myself.  I'm a big girl now looking to be a home-owner.

I've mostly liked apartment living, except for my most recent meth-making, bath salt selling neighbors.  But, a home of my own...  Yes, it comes with bigger payments and bigger headaches.  But it would be mine, all mine. (And the bank's, of course but let's leave them out of this for the moment.)

A home of one's own, what a lovely idea!

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Webster said...

Well, it would almost seem too good to be true for the very first house you looked at to be "the one." I think you got the answer you were looking for from the credit union manager - that the apples (Mrs. Craptastic Service and her co-workers) don't fall far from the tree (Management). All in all, it seems that you are getting better service from the bank. By the way, is the house in the country thing some special kind of deal? And was this first house you looked at out in the country? How far out are we talking about?

Have fun with your house hunting!