Sunday, June 17, 2012

Counting down the days....

It's been a week since my last post and lots of things have happened since then. 

Tuesday was a looooooong day and my friend BJM escorted me to the hospital for the bariatric surgery seminar and waited around for hours for my personal consultation with the surgeon.  I didn't necessarily care for the surgeon all that much but as my friends have been telling me that he is most likely used to people who are knocked out and not used to them asking questions.

This will utterly be a life-changing operation and it will force me to operate (no pun intended) on a whole new level.  Don't do that, do DO this, no more x, chew slowly and often, and on and on.  The surgeon told me flat out that I was dying and he is right.  It may not be overnight but I am falling apart slowly.  I absolutely need to have this surgery and will take any and all support that comes my way.

Tuesday was also supposed to be the day that I signed the paperwork to start up the credit union's home buyer program.  For the second time the woman was not prepared!  I was so upset after spending all day at the hospital that I literally wanted to punch her in the head.  I know violence doesn't solve anything but it might have made me feel better after such a long day.

I walked into her office and she knew she was unprepared but she didn't say anything about it at first.  Then she asked me to go home and get my paperwork so she can make copies which she did last week.  She finally told me she left my paperwork at another office.  I told her I'd make another appointment and so I am expected to be at the local office on Thursday.  I will be there with all of my paperwork so she had better be ready to get this show on the road!

This is the last week of this school year.  Two full days and two half days with kiddos and I am out on Tuesday, so it's really only three days of work for me.

This could just be the longest week ever with so much to do and crazy schedules.  Summer is a-coming, friends.  Indeed, she is almost here.

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awb said...

Good luck, hope it works out for you.