Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

To the few, the remaining readers of this blog with the dwindling number of posts, I wish those of you who deserve it a wonderful Mother's Day. That goes for all fur-baby and human baby mothers, those who nurture and support others' children, and to those single Dads who have to act as both Mom and Dad. I salute you! :)

I am a fur-baby mom but my kitty boy is such an important part of my life. Then I am also a "sorta-mom" to all the kiddos in my classes when they need to talk or spout off or let me into their lives. I am blessed to have such a fantastic occupation where I have the ability to remain a teacher, a guide, a helper, a listener, and sometimes I have the opportunity to make their day with a helpful or supportive comment.

My students have completed the ELA portion of their state tests followed by this week's two days of math. Then I will be out of the class on Friday for training and then out all next week for scoring. That will be a surreal period of time to be away from my kiddos for so long. May the force be with their long-term substitute!

The MS Walk totals are still being added up but for right now I am still the number one fundraiser for individuals for our walk. Our team is still in fourth place overall and I remain psyched and proud of all of our walkers. It was another fabulous experience and so much fun to bring people in my life to meet up with others from different areas.

Wishing you glorious weather for the days ahead. Weebs :)

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