Monday, May 23, 2011

Gammagram scheduled

The gammagram has been scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon. It's great that it's coming up so soon because I am going just a wee bit crazy with the voices in my head. The biggest let-down is that my insurance won't pay for the procedure so I am paying $402.10 out of my own pocket, but thankfully I can submit that to my flex plan.

I was so wound up this evening that I took a walk to get some of my nervousness out. It actually worked and has calmed me down some. Yippee!!

If I have cancer then I am jumping on the bandwagon and dealing with it immediately. I have no plans for waiting and seeing; I want it gone and whatever needs to be done will be done.

It is almost summer vacation and there is exactly one month left of school with students. Will I spend it working on getting healthier and dealing with my diabetes or will I be getting treatments to deal with breast cancer?

I guess that answer will be coming soon.

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