Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thursday eve

One of the inhabitants of my apartment is hoping for a snow day or delay tomorrow and it's not Edison kitty. I know I have a three day weekend which has Monday taken up with my Tysabri infusion for my MS and then a vet appointment for Edison in the afternoon. However, I could use an unexpected day off or at least a little more sleep.

I'm tired out and I need a little more rest. Is that too much to ask for when people all over the country have had days (plural!) off due to snow?

I'll keep you posted...


Julie M. Baker said...

I'm sending snow day vibes your way. We have our second consecutive snow day tomorrow in the Boston area. I'm hoping you get a rest, too.
Lazy J

lindagrace said...

Here in Palmer Alaska you'd think that we have snow days, but not lately, it's WIND days! School is canceled more because of the wind than snow! Going to the Doctor's this morning, I could barely get my walker out of the car because of the wind!

I look forward to getting to know you! You're a talented writer!