Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday

Today was the first Monday of 2011 and I survived. Yippee!

I made it to work okay, even though the roads were a snowy mess and visibility was quite limited between the dark and the pelting snow. I got to work and my classroom had a minor flood from the ceiling and several tiles were broken and on the floor. Welcome back, Weeble.

After work I came home from some errands and proceeded to do some Just Dance 2. I was having a great time and danced for almost 40 minutes until the phone rang. It turned out to be my college bestie from Maine. After the call ended I did another 15minutes of dancing.

The road to weight loss is paved with minutes of Just Dancing.

I need to get myself motivated and get my diabetes under control. I have not tested my blood sugars in well over a week. I haven't had my Victoza shot in days. I almost never take my Glipizide 30 minutes before I eat; I generally take it as I eat. Sometimes I don't take my two doses of Metformin. The diabetes stuff is just out of control but I don't think my numbers are too bad off. Then again, it's hard to know for sure when I'm not testing.

Get it together Weeble before some real damage is done! You can do this, girl.

I see my therapist on Wednesday afternoon and that is another step in the right direction.

My MS symptoms are under better control today also.

All in all, today wasn't bad for the first Monday back to work after vacation.

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Diane Lanette said...

You can do it Weebs! And for the sake of your health take your Blood Sugar and your Meds. I live with a Diabetic so I understand the challenges. But, if you can handle MS, you can handle Diabetes! :)

Sounds like the dancing thing is really working out for you. I may email you about it as I am looking for a way to get some exercise that won't completely kill me or my legs. And I have weight loss goals myself this year I just blogged about.

Keep on Track, Glad your doing well!