Friday, November 26, 2010

Post-turkey rundown

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I went over to my mom's and brought the pre-prepared turkey dinner with the trimmings with me. We talked to both my siblings on Skype at the same time and it was *almost* like we were all together.

Of course, we missed Dad.

It still feels like he is around when I am at their house. There are pictures of him in the dining room and his spirit seemed to be with us while we ate. I liked that.

Did I mention that I miss him?

I know lots of people went out shopping today for sales items. I surfed online and bought a lot of stuff from Kohl's. Some stuff for me (okay, lots of stuff for me) and some things for others too. It was free shipping with an extra 15% off the sales prices so I just shopped from my comfy living room in my comfy pajamas.

I never did manage to throw myself into the shower today. I promise to destinkify myself tomorrow. I may even work on stamping some holiday cards. It's supposed to snow a lot here overnight and into Saturday. This will be the first major snowfall for my area.

I still miss my Dad.

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