Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little bit fraudulent

I posted my A1C and glucose levels yesterday. They're much better than I thought they would be and I am delighted about that. But I must come clean...

Sometimes, often times, I take my blood sugar when I know it will be low so I can record it. I have been a little bit fraudulent with my readings therefore but I am overall doing much better than I ever thought, as evidenced by the A1C. You can't fake that as it is the the last three months worth of readings averaged out.

So here I am trying to cut down on my carbs at night and starting on a new diabetes med called Victoza. Victoza is a daily shot, not insulin, but another new med that works with the pancreas. I am no longer on Actos and I have been on this new med for a little over a week now. It has a side effect of weight loss and I think I am eating less on it, even though I have been dealing with major hormones the last few days. Losing weight and pulling lower numbers at all times would be a great thing for me to do.

I am also slowly getting back into using my Wii. I have been dancing and boxing a few days a week. Way better than my doing nothing. I still need to lose about ten pounds to get back to my lower weight (and then keep going from there).

Work is going well even with one stressful class. I seem to be doing okay with the major change in grades and learning all 100+ kiddos. I am healthy and happy and thriving even with the new obstacles.

I guess I'll keep on keeping on!


Anonymous said...

At least you don't lie about your age, LOL!

Webster said...

At least the important number is down. Keep up the good work; I know it can't be easy.

Also, please come over to HaltStopForgetRelax ( and pick up your Prolific Blogger award. It is well deserved.

Be well,

Peg Meerkatz said...

I am not religion or spiritual (I will not get into when or why a higher power & I parted ways) but I do believe in "karma".

I now have secondary progressive MS & have exhausted using the available medications (long story) but when I was on Rebif I use to complain continually about having to take shots 3 TIMES A WEEK.

Shortly after coming off Rebif my diabetes progressed to the point that oral medication was no longer working & I had to start on insulin. I now have to take shots 2 OR 3 TIMES A DAY - now if that isn't karma...

I AM NOT going to complain about the insulin injections because as mom always says "it could always be worse & undoubtedly does get worse"

Peg Meerkatz