Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do you ever feel anxious? I have been feeling that way much more lately and it's bothering me. Work is sometimes glorious and sometimes horrible. The horrible part is what I fixate on and how I usually end my day. I hate that I let the awful overrule the goodness. Is that just human nature or what?

It makes me feel weak to admit that some things at work are getting to me. I am usually the one who is strong and in control of everything. I fight MS and diabetes and do it my own way, on my own terms.

I am normally not afraid but I am feeling uneasy about things and I don't like that. Not one bit...

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Jen said...

I absolutely do relate to this. Since I've added things to my schedule in the past few months--- school, more outside volunteering, and yoga--- I've found myself getting more anxious and stressed. Now I know it's important to take on this stuff for my own personal growth and wellbeing, but I'm still stressed and uncomfortable. I'm trying to find myself a happy medium where I'm doing enough but not too much. I know it's transitionary anxiety, but it's still kinda rattling me.

We'll both be okay, but the unavoidable stress can wear a person down. Damn! : )