Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The good with the bad

Yesterday was a great day to have off for a doctor and a Tysabri appointment. It was a lovely Fall day and I had a pleasant ride to and from both appointments. Nothing to really report on the MS front but the bad news is that my guy is leaving the practice in two weeks. Major bummer.

I'll be moved over to the existing neurologist but I don't really understand him well when he speaks. I guess I'll just need to focus really hard when I see him from now on. The other new neuro coming in knows nothing about Tysabri so she isn't an option for me, according to my guy.

Yesterday was also my 2 year anniversary of Tysabri infusions. I was grading papers when I looked down and saw that my IV had come undone and blood was gushing out all over the floor and my hand. It was very messy but my white sweatshirt came out unscathed somehow.

I tried to pay my Tysabri bill but it was all messed up yet again. I just had received a bill for 1800 dollars and some change a few weeks back. I supposedly owe less than five hundred dollars but every time I call I get another story. So I try to pay yesterday and they tell me there is no balance. Go figure.

Oh, and I don't have the antibodies for the JC virus. Yippee.

Work today was okay. It was work but I came home and cleaned up a bit to be prepared for next Friday's 2nd annual Just Dance Extravaganza at my place. I need to have these social events a few times a year so that my apartment gets weeded out.

It's all good in the end.

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Webster said...

When I read about your IV coming out I thought OK no prob, then you mentioned that blood was gushing all over everything ... Aargh! Gaveme the heeby jeebies. But I'm over it. I'm okay now. Glad you don't have any JC antibodies.